1886: The Birth Of Gertrude Wrann


On October 15, 1886 F. Gustav Wrann and his wife Mary Paulmann Wrann had their third child Gertrude.

Following is her birth record. Click on it to enlarge.

1886 Birth Record For Gertrude Wrann

State Of New York – County Of New York – City Of New New York

Birth Return

1. Name Of Child: Gertrude Wrann

2. Sex: Female – Date Of Birth: Octo 15, 1886

3. Place Of Birth (Street and Number): 435 E 81 St

4. Name Of Father: Gustav Wrann

5. Full Name Of Mother: Mary ” ”

6. Maiden Name Of Mother: Paulmann

7. Birthplace (Country & State) Of Mother: German Age: 24 Years

8. Birthplace (Country & State) Of Father: German Age: 33 Years Occupation: Cigar Maker

9. Number Of Child Of Mother: 3 How Many Of Them Now Living: 3

10. Name and Address Of Medical Attendant or Other Authorized Person, In Own Handwriting: Signature: H. Mendolsohn Address: 528 E 82 St

11. Date Of This Return: Oct. 27 1886

I’m not 100% certain whether her name is GerDrude or is actually GerTrude. Both names were traditional German female names and it’s difficult to tell for sure what it was based on the two documents I have with her name.

We can tell from this document that the family has moved uptown from their Pitt St. address seen on earlier documents.


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