Upcoming Research


Despite the failure of DNA finding our Wrann/Paulmann ancestral home there still may be some other avenues that lead us there. Two that I’m currently working on are:

1. Marie Paulmann Hayes’ death certificate – My Great Great Grandmother Marie was first married to Ferdinand Gustav Wrann in the early 1880’s and after his death in 1895 she married William Joseph Hayes. Curiously I have not been able to locate a death certificate for her. Thanks to information from two (recently found!) Hayes cousins I’ve learned that she died in Broad Channel, Queens, NY and that it happened on September 2, 1942. What’s bizarre is that her death certificate does not show up in either the NYC Death Index or the NY State Death Index. Because she died in Queens it absolutely should be in the NYC Index but it’s not. It’s possible (though rare) that for some reason her Death Certificate was not indexed but does still exist. I’ve ordered a reel of microfilm from the Family History Library in Utah with every Queens, NY Death Certificate from Aug – Oct 1942 on it. It should be delivered to my local genealogy library in a few weeks. Once it arrives I can go through each certificate HOPING it’s in there. A death certificate from 1942 could have her parents names as well as the specific town she was from in Germany. …but only if the informant knew that information themselves. I’m guessing the informant on her death certificate was either her daughter Lillian or her son Gustav as they lived closest to her when she died.

2. Gustav Wrann’s Pre Marriage Investigation File – This could be interesting..but it’s a longshot. I stumbled upon the possibility of this by accident. While trying to find the previously mentioned Hayes cousins I was on the phone with the church that my Great Great Uncle William R. Hayes was married at. The clerk I spoke to read me the information from the church record of his marriage. She asked if I wanted to know where and when the bride and groom had been baptized. “Huh?”. Because this information was not included on the standard Catholic Church Marriage Certificate I had no idea that such information was required and recorded. This gave me an idea…my Great Grandfather Gustav and his wife Florence were married at St. John The Martyr’s church in NYC. I already have their City and Church marriage certificates but wanted to find out about their baptisms. Especially Gustavs because family lore says he was not baptized when he was a child and had to be before he could get married at St. Johns. Perhaps his delayed baptismal record would indicate a town in Germany his parents were from. Well…the church clerk found their marriage entry in the dusty old book from 1911 however she was surprised to find their was no entry for EITHER of my Great Great Grandparents baptisms. She said this was VERY odd that it wasn’t recorded. She then told me that in the basement were the old papers for pre-marriage investigations. Apparently these were files kept with information on the couple that would include baptismal information and possibly…family history. The clerk told me she wouldn’t be going into the basement alone and that it would take some time to locate the papers…if they exist. This could yield some results…we’ll see….


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