Happy Holidays! – *Photo Info Updated



X-Mas on Long Island, NY circa 1950.

Correct me if I’m wrong…

From L to R -Front row kids are Kathie Watts – Betty Wrann Fletcher – Helen Wrann Pelletier – Patricia Wrann Smith – Willard Wrann Jr.

Back row are Florence Wrann, Helen Wrann, Rose Pfeffer Horeau, Virginia Wrann Watts holding Ronnie Wrann Darlington, Helen Horeau Wrann holding Loretta Wrann Schillo and Willard Wrann ready to carve up the Turkey.

I used to think this was a Thanksgiving photo but there’s a sign hanging on the wall behind my great Aunt Helen Wrann that says “Merry Christmas”.

Thanks to Pat Smith and Ginny and Dennis Watts for ID’ing Kathie! Dennis and Ginny believe this was taken in 1950 in Floral Park , Queens and that Floyd Watts may have been the photographer. Dennis and my father would have been less than a year old at the time and were not included in the photo.

This scan is of an original photo from Dennis Watts’ collection.  Special thanks to him for loaning it to me last Summer.

Happy holidays everyone!


4 Responses to “Happy Holidays! – *Photo Info Updated”

  1. Uncle Joe// Wrann Says:

    pardon moi
    I think moms holding margaret. i don’t know where michael is//
    what do you think??

  2. wrannej Says:

    When I first saw it that’s who I thought it was but then realized Margaret was born September 1950 which would have made her three months old when it was taken…the child is way to big for three months. So then the next logical assumption is that it’s my father…by now I’ve heard from a bunch of folks supporting that theory or shooting it down. At this point I’m thinking it’s Loretta.

  3. Edward Says:

    Merry Christmas to all! I miss everyone (well maybe except Betty cuz i saw her yesterday)…

  4. Edward Says:

    First thing, if this is 1950 would Margaret have been born yet? Second, look how Dad has his belt! He was very cool, eh?

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