Holiday Photo – More Theories Than The Zapruder Film!


Since I posted the Holiday Photo I’ve received a number of emails from family members with differing accounts of who the little girl in the lower left is and who my grandmother Helen is holding.    Based on the responses the girl in the lower left is either my father’s cousin Kathie or my Aunt Loretta.  The child being held by my grandmother is either my Aunt Loretta, my father Michael or my Aunt Margaret.

Here are some enlargements of the two kids in question:



Based on the first closeup I’d say it’s most definitely a girl.

Additionally, the following photo appears to have been taken at the same event and I believe the child in this is my father who is not present in the group photo.


If the above child is my father who was born May 1949 then it’s a safe bet that this picture was taken seven months later at the Christmas party.

I’m looking forward to your comments!

P.S. Whatever became of the big round photo hanging on the wall in the above picture?  Who is it of?


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