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1889: The Birth Of Walter Wrann

November 14, 2008

On October 4, 1889 Walter Harry Wrann was born. The fourth child to be born to my great great grandparents Ferdinand Gustav Wrann and Marie Paulmann, Walter would be the final child the couple would have together.

Based on later Federal Census data we knew Walter was born in Pennsylvania but why the Wrann’s moved there from NYC is not known. They didn’t stay long in PA and would soon move back to Manhattan.

At the time of his birth Philadelphia did not hold Birth Certificates but instead kept the records in a ledger. Following is an image taken from a microfilm copy of the Birth Registration for Walter. Click on the image to enlarge it.


The information contained in the ledger is as follows:

Date Of Birth: Oct 4

Name Of Child: Walter H. Wrann

Sex: Male

Color: White

Ward: 16

Place Of Birth: 401 No 4

Name Of Parents: Gustav + Maria Wrann

Occupation Of Father: Cigar Maker

Name Of Physician: Matilda Ullrich

Residence Of Physician: 709 St. John’s’

Unfortunately this document does not indicate the birth place of his parents…something we are still trying to pinpoint to this day.

Walter would one day marry and have a son and later grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Walter’s son was my Grandfather Willard’s cousin and it seems the two lost touch with each other long before I was born. A few years ago I managed to track down Walter’s granddaughter and she and her sister have since attended a Wrann gathering and keep in touch via email! Re-establishing a connection between my grandfather’s Wrann family and her father’s Wrann family has certainly been one of my proudest moments since becoming involved in this research.