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DNA Result – UPDATE!

November 26, 2008

Well…..I received the results of the DNA test for the Wrann we found out in Indiana. Unfortunately it’s not even close. Nowhere near being a match to my own.

To recap – currently we don’t know where exactly our Wrann’s came from. All we know is that on all the official documents that have surfaced to date they indicated “Germany”. Germany back in the 1800’s could mean Germany, Prussia, Austria etc… We found a Wrann in his 80’s living in Indiana who isn’t related to any Wrann we are aware of whose father was born in Klagenfurt, Austria. If this gentleman and myself shared a male ancestor going back through history then our Y DNA tests would match. I took mine a year ago and he took his a month ago. The results are so different that there’s no way we are related.

Pretty disappointing because had we been related I could have researched his family line until I found an intersect with our own (which would have been in the early 1800’s).

Back to the paper trail….