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Brief Stop In Buffalo

July 8, 2008

We took our summer vacation two weeks ago and went to Cabery, IL where my wife has relatives, Mackinac Island, MI (where we were married in 2001) and finally, Niagara Falls in Canada (for the heck of it). On the drive back to CT from Canada I quickly stopped at the Buffalo, NY City Hall. I figured I’d have them take another look for my great grandfather Gustav Wrann’s birth certificate from 1884. Because his listing is in the Birth Index at the Buffalo Inactive Archives I believe his actual certificate MUST exist there… somewhere. I spoke to two city employees about it and they are going to look for it. I should hear back by mail in a few weeks. Fingers crossed.  Meanwhile I’m preparing a list of what to look for at the Municipal Archives and Public Library in NYC where I’m planning to spend a day within the next few weeks (strictly doing Wrann research).