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6 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Pops Says:

    Great start!! Lot’s of research. Let’s go to Germany!!!

  2. wrannej Says:

    Thanks! As soon as we figure out what town they were from….we’re there!

  3. christine watts Says:

    Hello Eliott, I’m your cousin from Nebraska, Dennis sister…You really are some detective…You’ve found out more info then we were ever able to find. That is really sad about Great Grandpa Wrann…We never heard anything about this..I guess, back in the day, no one talked about it…Dennis tells me after to get done with the Wrann side, that you might tackle the Parker side of the family…I’ll keep checking in!!! Enjoy your summer..

    Your cousin

  4. Uncle Joe// Wrann Says:

    I’m a bit slow on the up-take of things but, I finally discovered and enjoyed getting into this great web site. There is so much history in any family and it all ties into the history of our times. Facinating. Thanks to you//brother Will/and i believe cousins Dennis Watts has a hand in here. Great job…. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year/////

    Uncle Joe/whos moving kind of slow at the junction/

  5. Danielle Campbell Says:

    Hello from a branch of the tree. Helen (Wrann) Pelletier is my mother. I stumbled onto this site and am so happy to see my mom as a little girl in the Christmas Picture posted on this site. She is the girl with her hands crossed over her chest right at the center of the photo.

    My young son has her same face, even though he’s a blondy.
    Thanks for the time warp.


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