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1885: The Birth Of Lillian Wrann

June 18, 2008

This was an interesting discovery!

The woman many of us know or knew by the name Lillian Wrann was actually named Elsa at birth.

Following is the birth record for Ferdinand Gustav Wrann and Mary Paulmann’s second child – Elsa/Lillian. Click to enlarge.

1. Name Of Child: Elsa Wrann

2. Sex: Female Date Of Birth: August 7, 1885

3. Place Of Birth (Street & Number): 137 Pitt Street

4. Name Of Father: Gustav Wrann

5. Full Name Of Mother: Mary Wrann

6. Maiden Name Of Mother: Paulmann

7. Birthplace Of Mother: Germania Age: 25 Years

8. Birthplace Of Father:Age: 35 Years Occupation: Cigarmaker

9. Number Of Child Of Mother: 2 How Many Of Them Now Living: 2

The certificate is dated August 18, 1885 and is signed by the midwife E. Herschell who lived down the block at 55 Pitt St.

I’ve only ever seen a handful of photos of Lillian taken late in her life. Not sure if any from her younger years still exist.