Who Am I? What Is This About?

I’m the first born son of the second born son of the only son of the first born son of Ferdinand Gustav Wrann and Mary Paulmann. Most of you probably know who I am already as we’re probably related in some way which is why you’re here.

I’ve always been curious about my family history. The more mysterious the better. Unfortunately my Grandfather Willard Parker Wrann died several years before I was born and I never knew much about him. I would occasionally ask my father about him but I don’t recall pressing for many details that would paint a picture of where my Wrann DNA came from.

As I grew older I learned that my Uncle Will was quite the family historian and had put together a family tree. I still have the first documents he sent me back in the mid 1990’s. A few years ago after my son was born I decided to get it together and attempt to put something together that I could one day show him that would explain his origins. I contacted Uncle Will via email and asked a few questions about the Wrann branch of our tree. Unfortunately there wasn’t much info but the data he did provide me was critical to get me going in the right direction.

Through Uncle Will I learned that his cousin Dennis (my second cousin) was also a genealogy buff. Will, Dennis and Dennis’s mother Ginny have provided me with invaluable information which has helped me find and compile records that allowed me to for a rough sketch of what my ancestors did and went through.

Because so many Wrann’s have expressed interest in my research I decided to put up this blog so that everyone will know what we’ve learned to date. I’ll be posting scans of all the records I’ve found as well as supplemental materials that will hopefully shed some light on things previously unknown.

Because I’m at a standstill in the research I’m hoping that someone, somewhere, will come across this site and be able to provide information that may lead me us farther back in time so that we can develop a better understanding of where we are from.

I have a lot of info to post and will try and update the site with new documents at least once a week.  I’ll be focusing primarily on the first and second generation American Wranns.

Feel free to email me at wranncestry AT gmail D0T C0M


Wrann Genealogy Mary Paulmann Gustav Wrann Ferdinand Wrann William Hayes Raymond Hayes Mary Hayes Lillian Wrann Gustave Wrann Family History


One Response to “Who Am I? What Is This About?”

  1. Mary Frances Wrann Hutchins Says:

    Hi Elliot,
    Greetings from Maine! Great job on this blog-website. The work you and Dennis and Will have done is wonderful. I’ll check back here when I can to learn more about our family history. Lots of love to you and your family!!

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